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My Money Management

"I want managing my money to be easy"

My Money Choices can help you get on top of managing your money. You may want help developing a budget, starting a savings plan or simply improving your cash flow so you have more to spend or invest. Own tomorrow by making the most of your money today.

My Money Choices can help you with your financial choices, like easy ways to manage your money.

Here's how:

A financial planner accredited by AMP Financial Planning can help you. They can:

  • Look at your personal situation to understand what's important to you and your family.
  • Identify ways to immediately save you money on your day-to-day expenses.
  • Help you simplify your options and find ways you could free up more cash.
  • Get you started on a savings plan for something important to you, like a:
    • Holiday
    • Wedding
    • Home deposit
    • Children's education
    • Investment
    • Renovation
    • Or simply for a rainy day

Create a personalised report which records your goals including an action plan to help you achieve them.

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