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My husband and I are currently renting.  We have two incomes and one 2 year old child.  We don’t want to rent forever and am wondering if now is the right time to buy?  Leonie, Westmead.

Well Leonie, I reckon the best time to buy is now nearly all the time.  If you can afford to.

The reason I say this is that property prices have clearly increased significantly over time and over the long term I expect they will continue to do so.  The big issue though is ...can you afford to?

Often, when buying your first home it is a stretch.  The repayments are likely to be higher than rent, unless you have a large deposit.  Despite this, I generally recommend that people buy a home to live in and this reduces the chance of having to move when the landlord decides.  The key is to save a deposit.  If you are renting and also saving a deposit you are proving to yourself that you can cover the mortgage of that same level.  That is, your weekly rent plus your weekly savings.

As a financial planner, I encourage you to think about the other related issues.   Are you planning to have any more children, do either of you have any health issues,  Have you got insurance in place for death and disability, including income protection insurance?  Do a detailed budget and start saving that deposit.  Do another budget that is for after you have purchased a property that shows you can afford the repayments.  Also, have a look at one where interest rates are say 2% higher than current and see if you can handle that.  This will give you “peace of mind” that you can handle interest rate rises.

You might benefit from the government scheme linked to First Home Savings Accounts as there are incentives for you to save using them.

In some situations, it might make sense to keep renting for a while and get into the property market with an investment property.

So there are plenty of issues to consider and as always, I recommend that you get individual advice after discussing all of your details with a professional planner. I recommend that you choose one who is accredited to advise on insurance as well as investments.

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